The Mission of Experience Christ Church is to change the lives of individuals in the Willmar Area, The State of Minnesota, The United States of America, and The World through the Power of God's Word (Acts 1:8).  Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God!


The Vision of Experience Christ Church is to be a church that shows God's Love and Preaches an unhindered Gospel.  

Our vision is to facilitate a relationship between individuals and Jesus where  people attend church and, through Faith, Experience Christ and the fullness of what He paid for His Church to have!  We accomplish this through Bibilical Teaching & Preaching,  Worship, Fellowship, and Practice of the Gifts of the Spirit.  

We know that Jesus, not only, gave His life on the cross so we may gain access to God the Father and Heaven through Him, but He suffered and died that we can also Experience Heaven on Earth.  

He bled and Died so His Church would be Healed, Joyful, Prosperous, Blessed, Righteous before God, and to Regain the Authority and Dominion that man was originally entrusted with.  To Experience Christ in His Fullness is to realize the reality ofGod's Grace Gifted to us by Faith!

About Us

Pastor Erick & Jenna Ortenblad were both raised in the Willmar, MN area.  Married at a young age they knew they were called to Plant & Pastor a Church in their home town.  Shortly after they were married they moved to Dallas, TX to attend Christ For the Nations Institute.  After graduation they began serving at One Cause Church in McKinney, TX.  They served at One Cause Church in various roles including Men's Ministry, Women's, Nursery, and for almost 3 years as the Children's Pastors.  With the Blessing of their Pastors, they moved back to the Willmar area in June 2016 to Pioneer and plant Experience Christ Church.  Pastor Erick & Jenna have three children:  Lilia, Tillie, and Nels.  


What we Believe: 

The Bible is God’s Word to all men.  It is the Living Word of God! 

God is the Creator & Ruler of the universe. He exists in three persons– Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The Unseen World is made up of two kingdoms – the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.

Mankind is created in the image and likeness of God but has been separated from God by sin.

Jesus is the Son of God, He was conceived by the Power of the Holy, He was Born of the Virgin Mary, Suffered under Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried, He Descended to Hell to set the captives free.  On the third day He rose again, ascended to Heaven and is Seated at the Right Hand of the Father. He sits on His Throne making intercession for us!

Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is God’s only plan of Salvation. Jesus is our Substitute.

He became…

Sin so that we could be made righteous. (II Cor 5:21)
A curse so that we could be redeemed. (Gal 3:13-14)
Sick so that we could be healed. (Isaiah 53:3-4)
Poor so that we could be made rich. (II Cor 8:9)
Water Baptism is an outward profession of a person’s inward commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior.

Believers should be baptized in the Holy Spirit, speak with other tongues and experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Communion is received in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

God is good. He is for us – not against us. He does not use tragedy, illness or acts of nature to teach us.

It is God’s will that believers prosper and be in health.

God answers prayer & cares about every area of our lives.

God heals through believers “laying hands on the sick in prayer” according to Mark 16.

The Christian lifestyle should agree with God’s Word.

Church attendance & involvement is necessary for developing a well-balanced Christian life.

Tithing should be a part of every Christian’s life.

The Great Commission compels us to share Jesus Christ with others!

Jesus Christ will return to the earth, and believers will reign together with Him!

Experience Christ Church